Our Mission…

To ensure all people have equal access to timely, cost-effective quality health care.

The Optumas Healthcare consulting team works with clients to design the most appropriate, efficient, and effective health care reform initiative(s) to achieve our clients’ policy goals of improving health care access, health care quality, and health care coverage. We are not a cookie-cutter consulting firm that does the same consulting project over and over again – we are a small, nimble, flexible, engaged group of consultants that care about our clients and our clients’ needs and it shows in our consulting.


Optumas identifies potential risk by conducting a comprehensive strategic review of your program’s goals. We evaluate the current state of your health care market, the successes and shortcomings to date, and any legislative activity to determine the potential opportunities for meaningful reform and the associated risks.


Through strategic actuarial analysis, Optumas will develop coverage, cost, and affordability estimates based on your program’s goals that quantify, in real world terms, your health reform concepts. In addition, we translate our actuarial calculations into the current and proposed environment to determine what strategic adjustments need to be made based on practical experience and/or the current market.


Only after we have identified and quantified the risk can we successfully develop strategies to balance your competing priorities. We will design a strategy that successfully manages the risk of your health care reform by:

  • minimizing disruption to your current health care system and insurance marketplace;
  • minimizing provider disruption;
  • maximizing State, Federal, and Employer funds; and
  • maximizing stakeholder input.

The resulting strategies achieve the appropriate balance between effective coverage and improved affordability.