The foundation of Optumas was set in 2006 (through its predecessor company, schramm·raleigh Health Strategy) in a quest to develop an independent consulting firm that focused on reforming health care for the right reason – People.  Our consulting efforts bring about health care reform from two perspectives – not only who receives health care but also how people receive care.  The Optumas team’s goal is to ensure all people have equal access to the timely, cost-effective quality health care they need to be productive members of our society.


As the Founder and Managing Director of Optumas, Steve Schramm brings a wealth of health care reform experience to the table, having worked on statewide health care reform initiatives in more than a dozen states.  The Optumas team works with clients to design the most appropriate, efficient, and effective health care reform initiative(s) to achieve our clients’ policy goals of improving health care access, health care quality, and health care coverage.  We are not a cookie-cutter consulting firm that does the same consulting project over and over again – we are a small, nimble, flexible, engaged group of consultants that care about our client’s and our clients’ needs and it shows in our consulting.


Steve has spent his entire twenty plus career years working on publicly-sponsored health care programs.  Health Care Reform is a historic opportunity to fundamentally change who receives health care in the United States, what they receive and how they receive it.  Having begun working in 2007 on the nascent health exchanges in Massachusetts, Maine, and Connecticut, we’ve got the practical experience to help your program achieve its policy goals in the most efficient and effective manner.  We’ve been there, we’ve done it, and we can help you do it too.

The cornerstone of Optumas’ approach to health care reform is our unique approach to quantifying the risk of health care programs.  We take a very thoughtful, stepwise approach to identifying and then quantifying health care risk using recognized actuarial and econometric estimation techniques.  But what differentiates the Optumas team is our ability to convert those incredibly complex estimation techniques into simple, practical information that our clients can use to improve the effectiveness of their programs.  And improving their health care programs ultimately meets our goal – improving the lives of People.


In today’s dynamic and ever-changing health care environment, states and publicly-sponsored health plans and systems need an expert that understands the risk of health care reformOptumas can be your expert as you move your program forward to meet your health care challenges.